Useful Links

Autonomous ROG Factory, official website that provides on the news, events, and activities of its collectives (in Slovene and English) 

Tovarna ROG, the first official ROG blog and website, operational since the initial occupation in 2006.

Njetwork, a website containing interesting research and articles from the earlier years of ROG’s occupation

Information and brief history of ROG Factory from the official website of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture (English version) 

Metelkova Mesto, official website of the autonomous part of Metelkova Mesto, which contains information about events and activities (in Slovene and English)

“Squatting for cultural use toward commons: The case of Rog factory in Ljubljana”, article by Ivan Tosics on URBACT documenting the conflict between the occupant communities and the municipality

“How an abandoned barracks in Ljubljana became Europe’s most successful urban squat”, article by Ajit Niranjan on the Guardian focusing on Metelkova Mesto and its autonomous status

A series of articles and news about ROG factory in [Squat!Net]

ROG factory’s architectural plans by MX_SI  architectural studio, as presented in RogLab’s webpage, a pilot programme and investment for the future Rog Centre, which was established in 2012

Autonomous Ljubljana is also on Instagram